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Kun en times kørsel fra Vejers Familie Camping ligger LEGOLAND, Billund.


Only an hour drive from Vejers Familie Camping is Legoland, Billund.

Legoland has more than 50 amusements for families with children. So, weather you prefer speed, action or a nice day with your family, there are plenty of opportunities.

We offer our help to book and print online tickets in our reception, that will avoid you from standing in a queue at the entrances to Legoland.

Vejers Familie Camping

Camping for the whole family

Vejers Familie Camping

Our campsite is a calm and comfortable family park, where peace and quiet during the night is obvious.

We emphasise closeness, good and clean facilities. We, as owners, are always to be seen in the park and we are the ones who says, “hello and welcome”, when you arrive and “Have a nice journey home” when you leave from your holiday.

We offer units for caravans and camper facilities. Tents are also a possibility, and they get the same size of unit as the caravans do.

It is your choice, what unit you want on the campsite. We have two toilet buildings. The shop and pool is not far away at our campsite.